a classical portico or roofed colonnade.
– the great hall in Athens in which the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno gave the founding lectures of the Stoic school of philosophy.

Oxford Dictionary

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Dynamic Forms with Hotwire/ Turbo/ Stimulus

Recently I was faced with the challenge of needing to dynamically populate a form based on a previous selection the user made. This is a common problem for web apps, and there have been a myriad of solutions devised, usually using AJAX calls to get the dynamic content. But this time I was using Hotwire/…

Rebooting the Blog

I started this blog after being laid off a year and some months ago, and I wrote a few posts with the goal of landing a new job in mind. Fortunately, I have since found a new job that I love at MX Technologies! I am leaving those old posts up for history, but today…

My Quest for Virtual Meaning

I recently came across a New York Times story about how to cope when a life upheaval, such as divorce, job loss, serious illness, etc. occurs. As I was recently laid off, this story hit home for me. After experiencing my “lifequake”, as the story puts it, my coping mechanism was to launch myself at…

The Intangibles

This post is going to be intentionally corny, and hopefully just a little bit humorous. I am going to tell you about a make believe team of super heroes that embody some of the intangible qualities I bring to the table. Laugh, roll your eyes, click your browser’s back button furiously to get away, or…

People Come First

I am a people person. I love working with people and strongly believe that putting people first is nearly always the right choice. Putting people first can be challenging in software development when deadlines, bugs, egos and opinions get in the way. I have seen each one of these things at work, doing real harm…

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