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Introducing MarkdownRecord

Published: 2023-08-17

Welcome to the newest iteration of my blog! This blog used to be a shameful WordPress site... but I can proudly declare that it is now a custom app that I built myself. It's not the first blog I have built and it wasn't exactly a big challenge at this point in my career as a software engineer, but I did it very differently this time ...

MarkdownRecord, Rails, Ruby 

Dynamic Forms with Hotwire/ Turbo/ Stimulus

Published: 2022-02-08

Recently I was faced with the challenge of needing to dynamically populate a form based on a previous selection the user made. This is a common problem for web apps, and there have been a myriad of solutions devised, usually using AJAX calls to get the dynamic content. But this time I was using Hotwire/ Turbo/ Stimulus, and one of th...

Hotwire, Turbo, Stimulus, Rails 

My Quest for Virtual Meaning

Published: 2020-08-09

Note: This post is from the previous iteration of this blog. I recently came across a New York Times story about how to cope when a life upheaval, such as divorce, job loss, serious illness, etc. occurs. As I was recently laid off, this story hit home for me. After experiencing my “lifequake”, as the story puts it, my coping mech...

Philosophy, Mental Health 

People Come First

Published: 2020-06-26

Note: This post is from the previous iteration of this blog. I am a people person. I love working with people and strongly believe that putting people first is ~~nearly~~ always the right choice. Putting people first can be challenging in software development when deadlines, bugs, egos and opinions get in the way. I have seen eac...

Relationships, Work Culture