Dynamic Forms with Hotwire/ Turbo/ Stimulus

Recently I was faced with the challenge of needing to dynamically populate a form based on a previous selection the user made. This is a common problem for web apps, and there have been a myriad of solutions devised, usually using AJAX calls to get the dynamic content. But this time I was using Hotwire/Continue reading “Dynamic Forms with Hotwire/ Turbo/ Stimulus”

My Quest for Virtual Meaning

I recently came across a New York Times story about how to cope when a life upheaval, such as divorce, job loss, serious illness, etc. occurs. As I was recently laid off, this story hit home for me. After experiencing my “lifequake”, as the story puts it, my coping mechanism was to launch myself atContinue reading “My Quest for Virtual Meaning”

Who is this guy? A Story of Self Discovery

Alright, now that I’ve warmed up my blogging muscles, it’s time to give you something of an introduction. I will try to leave specific details to the resume, but in this and the next few posts, I hope to give you a sense of what it would be like to work with me and theContinue reading “Who is this guy? A Story of Self Discovery”

Side Projects, and Why I Didn’t Build This

I love side projects. I have LOTS of them, in various states of completion, using a wide variety of technology stacks and programming languages. You can check most of them out on my GitHub page here: https://github.com/WriterZephos. I would guess that about half of my side projects are probably websites or web applications, including anContinue reading “Side Projects, and Why I Didn’t Build This”