The Intangibles

This post is going to be intentionally corny, and hopefully just a little bit humorous. I am going to tell you about a make believe team of super heroes that embody some of the intangible qualities I bring to the table. Laugh, roll your eyes, click your browser’s back button furiously to get away, or whatever – I don’t take offense.

I just want to put this out there because some of this stuff can be hard to convey over the phone or on a resume. Also, job hunting can be really stressful and writing exercises like this can be quite therapeutic for the frayed nerves in my brain.

So without further ado, I give you The Intangibles:

Super Coder

Super Coder’s super power is his work ethic. He crushes obstacles and vanquishes problems by working his butt off. If there is a deadline, he’ll work late. If there is a bug impacting users, he’ll skip lunch to rectify it. And if there is an awesome feature he’s building from the ground up, he’ll put his head down and crank it out like some kind of rabid, software developing animal because he loves to write code that much.

The Conceptualizer

The Conceptualizer’s super power is his ability to think about and understand the complex ideas, relationships, and interactions of an entire system all at once. He excels at seeing edge cases before they arise and making sure code doesn’t have any unintended consequences. The Conceptualizer can see holistic solutions in his mind and bring them into the real world seamlessly and successfully.

Mr. Dynamic

Mr. Dynamic’s super power is his adaptability, as proven by his multiple successful outcomes after being thrown into impossible situations. He can pick up both soft and hard skills quickly and is agile enough to change direction at a moment’s notice. As evident by the amount of code he has written that never made it into production, Mr. Dynamic is practiced at pivoting to meet changing business needs and priorities. So whether it’s an unexpected promotion with an enormous amount of responsibility, or a complete 180 degree shift in business direction and the technologies being used, Mr. Dynamic will ride that wave to victory.

The People Man

This guy is not just a people person, he’s The People Man. His super power is treating everyone like his best friend and communicating like a pro. The People Man excels at collaboration, supporting other team members, and ensuring end user satisfaction. He tries to make work a fun place to be, and does everything he can to make sure everyone around him feels respected and empowered in their work.

The Genuine Article

The Genuine Article’s super power is earnestness and honesty. He wears his heart on his sleeve (in a good way) and gives you everything he’s got, day in and day out. He doesn’t hold anything back. He’s relatable because he’s human, and doesn’t leave any room for doubt about his dedication to the job. If there is a problem you need to know about, he’ll tell you, even at his own expense. The Genuine Article doesn’t know how to be disingenuous, and having integrity is the only way he knows how to live.

I hope you enjoyed reading about The Intangibles, my inner super hero team. I apologize for the silliness of this post, but I hope it helps you to know who you would be working with if you hired me. Thanks for reading! Please leave any comments or feedback below.


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